Are you tired of...

  • Ceaselessly shedding your scales but always feeling frustrated that your improv still sounds like noodling?
  • Tirelessly perfecting your arpeggios but feeling like all of your solos sound the same... like you're trapped by running chord tones?
  • Memorizing countless riffs and struggling to understand how to cross the bridge between knowing all the right vocabulary and actually being able to hear and improvise musical phrases?
  • Practicing the inversions of all your drop chords but not being able to comp comfortably with simple, moving lines and lush voicing like Jim Hall or Bill Evans?
  • Watching hours of YouTube videos promising to help unlock the mystery of jazz harmony and melody with every mode imaginable, but still struggling to play tunes and have fun doing it?




Then you're in the right place.




My name is Jordan Klemons, and after playing and studying in NYC with many of my musical heroes - John Scofield, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Peter Bernstein, Brad Shepik, Stefon Harris, Jean-Michel Pilc, Ari Hoenig, Alan Ferber, Mark Turner, and others - I started this website to share all of the amazing wisdom I learned from them. I wanted to create an online resource that would help you cut through the mess and confusion of the overwhelming amount of jazz guitar education that's available online by trying to help steer the conversation towards the center of what really makes something musical. 

Knowing our theory, our scales, our arpeggios, our chord tones... all of these things are important and helpful. But let's be honest with ourselves. How many musicians do we all know that have spent 10+ years nailing down all of these topics and yet still struggle to play MUSIC, and to do so in a natural and authentic way.

In order to help you as much I can, I've accumulated the wealth of knowledge I learned from my teachers, and that I picked up myself during my masters program and while touring and recording with multiple groups and performing all over the country (The Blue Note NYC, The Joshu Tree Music Festival, multiple sets at Bonnaroo, and other festivals and clubs all over the States), and I've compiled it all down into an organized method that you can learn more about and study along with through this website.

I have created several programs and resources for you to learn more about music and to de-mystify the art of melody, harmony, modern jazz, and improvisation and how to bridge the divide between all of the music theory and fancy technique, and actually making music.

  • The Melodic Triads Study Group
  • Online Private Coaching
  • Private Skype Lessons
  • Other Free Resources


You can read more about each of these resources and how they can help you with your musical journey by clicking here to read about all of the online programs you can access through our website.

If you need help with anything, you can also reach out and let me know how I can support you and your music using our contact page.


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