The Day Miles Told Scofield to Play the Buttah Notes & Why I Love Melodic Triads

Jul 21, 2018



You may have heard the story about Miles Davis telling Herbie Hancock not to play "the buttah" notes. But did you know that he also once told John Scofield and some of their fellow bandmates that he WANTED them to "play the buttah notes"?!

True story.

Weird, right? Why would he tell Herbie not to play the 'buttah' notes and years later tell other band members to play them? And what the hell is a 'buttah' note?

Let's be honest... with Miles... sometimes things were just cryptic. Maybe he said strange things to get people out of their comfort zone so they'd try something new... who knows?

But let's look at how Herbie and Scofield both interpreted their experiences to see if we can learn something to put into the shed.

As the story goes, Herbie was sitting...

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