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Every Monday through Friday I teach a free, live jazz guitar lesson where each day of the week is committed to a different topic. We cover technique, muscle memory, and fretboard knowledge during our Monday's Triad Mastery Bootcamp lessons. We work on developing our ears to build a more intimate relationship with specific melody notes to step up our improvisational language during Tuesday's Melodic Ear Training lessons. We apply these ideas to playing over jazz standards and realistic musical situations during Wednesday's ii V I's and Tunes lessons. We discuss chord movement, harmony, voicings, and comping during Thursday's How Chords Move lessons. And we delve into advance applications and complex ideas using triads during our Friday's Advanced Melodic Triads Concepts lessons.

Use the links above to browse through our archived lessons by day and topic. Or scroll down to find the specific lesson you are looking for so you can jump directly to it.

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