The Melodic Triads Bebop Scale - 6, 9, & 12-Note Options

Dec 09, 2020

What is a bebop scale?

What is a melodic triads bebop scale?

What do they have in common, and what’s different?


All great questions.


I’m not a scholar on the historical evolution of jazz pedagogy. How the educational styles, curriculums, norms, and sacred cows of jazz eduction evolved through one-on-one mentors, band leaders, and transcription up through printed instruction books, jazz institutions and colleges like Berklee, and now YouTube videos and online lessons… I’ll let the academics of jazz education history write on this topic.


What I am interested in is laying out the prevalence of education based around the traditional seven-note diatonic scale and how it differs from the 8-note bebop scale. Just to setup the true intention and...

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Bird Blues - Harmonic Freedom In Jazz Guitar Comping

Nov 23, 2020

After moving to NYC, I was fortunate enough to get to hang with Mark Turner and ask him questions for a couple of hours. I never really got to study privately with him like a few of my friends and bandmates did, but I at least got to ask him his thoughts on music, the process, improvisation, harmony, and practice. There was MUCH talk about triads and voice leading… so you know I was happy to hear his thoughts on those topics.


I also picked up a few things indirectly from him through my friends that were studying with him showing me some of the ideas they were working on.


One of those topics was the importance of mastering the forms for the bird blues, rhythm changes, and Cherokee. The goal being that we should be able to own each of these chord progressions...

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