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Lesson #44 - The Time Scale, with Jeff Sipe


Lesson From Legends 

Week 4 of 8

Today we're checking out The Time Scale. This is a concept where instead of building scales in the sense of building upon pitch intervals between the notes, now we're going to build a rhythmic scale by building upon TIME intervals between the notes. This is an idea I was introduced to while studying with the incredible drummer, Jeff Sipe (Aquarium Rescue Unit, Jimmy Herring, and countless others).

Also, while I know we haven't finished this 8-week masterclass series yet... this is going to be the last lesson for this project for now. I can't believe it's been almost a year since starting this weekly project, and I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have.

However, I recently launched The Melodic Triads Study Group. It's becoming a wonderful, encouraging, supportive, and engaged community of likeminded musicians dedicating ourselves to the study and application of melodic triads. Unfortunately, having two different projects going (the study group AND these free masterclasses) is starting to cause a lot of confusion. I'm hearing a lot of frustration about people thinking that I'm talking about one thing when I'm actually talking about another, or not being able to find the resources I'm posting... it's been causing problems.

Also, these masterclasses, while I try my best to show where the simplicity and fundamentals come from, generally I'm so busy trying to show the cool, complicated stuff, that it never really gives me a chance to truly break things down to the fundamentals and show you guys how to work on these things in a way that will actually allow you to make them your own. Whereas, that's what The Melodic Triads Study Group is all about.


This is me thanking you for a really amazing year meeting lots of cool people and talking about lots of cool ideas and inviting you to come and join the study group. It's really become an amazing place, and in just the last 6 weeks or so we've gotten watch a handful of our members playing completely transform and grow into some really exciting new places. We all hope you'll join in and take part as well!

Happy Practicing!



Lesson #43 - Major7 Arpeggios Like Ben Monder and Brad Shepik


Lessons From Legends

Week 3 or 8

In today's lesson I'm going to show you a way of practicing major7 arpeggios that Brad Shepik showed me when I was studying privately with him. If you're not already familiar with him and his playing, you should check him out. Amazing jazz guitarist, and just as amazing in the world music scene. Very versatile! He's good friends with Ben Monder and, when showing me this way of practicing, mentioned that he and Ben both do this exercise. 

Lesson #42 - Rosenwinkel and Chord Melody Part 2


Lesson From Legends

Week 2 of 8

Today we follow-up on last week's lesson. We continue to explore the chord melody, solo guitar concept presented by Kurt Rosenwinkel. This time we apply it to the bridge and last A section of the jazz standard, Darn That Dream.

Lesson #41 - Rosenwinkel and Chord Melody Part 1


Lessons From Legends

Week 1 of 8

Here is a solo guitar concept presented by Kurt Rosenwinkel during a masterclass where we attempt to place a new chord on every beat of the measure. In this etude, we're applying this technique to the first half of the jazz standard, 'Darn That Dream'.


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