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Lesson #40 - Someday My Prince Will Come: Full Voicings


Intro to Melodic Progression

Week 8 of 8

This is our final lesson on the topic of melodic triads and the melodic progression. If you're enjoying seeing all the harmonic and melodic possibilities at your disposal by leaving scales, modes, and chord tones behind and focusing on triads and the basics, please check out the NYCJGM Melodic Triads Study Group. It's free to take part and we focus on digging deeper into all of this material. You can find the group HERE.

This lesson steps up last week's from the 4 note voicings and bumps us up to 5-6 note voicings. These are challenging to employ but wonderful for ballads, rubato, solo playing, or just peppering inside smaller and more agile voicings when comping to accentuate specific beats, harmonies, and melodic notes. 

Lesson #39 - Someday My Prince Will Come: 3-Note Voicings


Intro to Melodic Progression

Week 7 of 8

Today we are going to venture into developing harmonic ideas and chord voicings through Someday My Prince Will Come using the quadratonic ideas we've developed based on our melodic triads.


Lesson #38 - Someday My Prince Will Come Melodic Progression with Chromaticism


Intro to Melodic Progression

Week 6 of 8

Last week we combined all of the smaller sections of the tunes and looked at the complete melodic progression and the full etude showing an example of how we might improvise just using our quadratonic scales (triad + a single tension note). This week we take this concept one step farther by implementing chromatic passing notes as well.

Lesson #37 - The Melodic Progression Etude for Someday My Prince Will Come


Intro to Melodic Progression

Week 5 of 8

We've now analyzed each of the three sections to the tune to discover the melodic triads and develop our quadratonic scales for each part. And last week we combined the melodic triads, the quadratonic scales, and the melodic reduction to create an exercise for learning to see and hear and ornament the melody within the quadratonics. So now we're putting all of the sections together and improvising within the quadratonic scales.

If you'd like to join in on the Melodic Triads Study Group, you can join the facebook group to get started by clicking HERE.

You can also read more about it and find all other necessary information on our website HERE.

Lesson #36 - Melodic Reduction and Progression


Intro to Melodic Progression

Week 4 of 8

Now that we've analyzed all three sections of Someday My Prince Will Come, let's apply the quadratonic scales to the melodic tonic to see how all of the puzzle pieces fit together and to start to hear how these quadratonic scales can voice lead us melodically through the form.

I mentioned in the video that there was a mistake in the etude that I would clear up, but then I completely forgot to come back to it while talking... so I'll explain the change. It's in the very last system at the bottom of the page, in the second bar... there should be an F7 notated above the measure. This measure is supposed to be using a (D)/b2 quadratonic scale... instead I accidentally wrote in a pattern using a (Bb)/4 quadratonic scale. So the first two notes are still correct - The D note jumping down a major 7th to the Eb below it. That's right. But then instead of ascending up through F natural and Bb to get back up to the D note... it should be F# and A natural (from the D triad). So make sure to make those changes and practice it this way instead of what's written.

Lesson #35 - Melodic Progression - Section C of Someday My Prince Will Come


Intro to Melodic Progression

Week 3 of 8

In today's lesson we're analyzing the melody of the last 8 bars of Someday My Prince Will Come to find the melodic progression, and checking out an etude to practice improvising with the triads.

Lesson #34 - Melodic Progression, Section B of Someday My Prince Will Come


Intro To Melodic Progression

Week 2 of 8

Today we're analyzing the melodic progression for the B section of Someday My Prince Will Come, the 1st ending. The goal is to learn how to improvise melodically over this chord progression in a way that respects the changes, but goes beyond running and arpeggiating them. 

Register for the PDF archive to get the melodic progression and the etude showing an example of how one might improvise using it.

Lesson #33 - Intro to Melodic Progression


Intro to Melodic Progression

Week 1 of 8

We are going to spend the next eight weeks looking at how we would analyze the melody from Someday My Prince Will Come to discover what the melodic progression is, and then how we can use that to begin improvising based on the melody, as opposed to outlining the chord progression.

Today we are looking at the A section.


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