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Lesson #32 - Final Articulation Listening Assignment

04 - articulation Nov 29, 2017


Week 8 of 8

Wrapping up with a listening assignment to remind ourselves that - technique aside - the reason we're studying articulation is because we want to MAKE MUSIC! No better reminder for that than to listen to some of the greats playing tunes.

Lesson #31 - Advanced Sweeping into a Note

04 - articulation Nov 22, 2017


Week 7 of 8

This is a follow up to last week's lesson. Building from the same technique and triad thought process, we can now start to apply other notes around the triad to sweep into and out from. 

Lesson #30 - Basic Sweeping into a Note

04 - articulation Nov 15, 2017


Week 6 of 8

This lesson is part 1 of 2 for our look at sweeping into a note. Sweeping into a note is basically an extension of what we covered last week - bending, sliding, rolling, and hammering on into a note. Now we're taking it a bit deeper and making it a little more complex. 

Lesson #29 - Attack Into a Note

04 - articulation Nov 08, 2017


Week 5 of 8

So far we've covered the four most common syllables for articulation in the jazz language. Today we're going to change gears slightly and talk about getting into a note. This isn't about how we play the note itself as much as the techniques available to moving into a note.

Lesson #28 - Vocal Articulation

04 - articulation Nov 01, 2017


Week 4 of 8

We can talk about guitar technique, or we can talk about music... it's really tough to work on both simultaneously. This week we're putting the guitar down again. We're taking our four syllables from last week and applying them to some vocal scatting... to focus down on learning to feel and express articulations musically, so we can THEN pick our guitars back up and express those same ideas through them.

Lesson #27 - Articulation Syllables and Notation

04 - articulation Oct 25, 2017


Week 3 of 8

Checking out the four most common jazz articulation syllables, what they sound like, how we notate them, and how we can create them with our right hand picking technique.

Lesson #26 - Articulation on a Single Note

04 - articulation Oct 18, 2017


Week 2 of 8

This week we apply the lessons we learned from our listening assignment last week to the blues. By limiting our note choice when improvising, we force ourselves to focus on, and improve, our use of articulation.

Lesson #25 - Intro to Articulation

04 - articulation Oct 11, 2017


Week 1 of 8

Articulation is tough to teach and to learn without first listening to examples. So before we start working on our articulation and improving our playing, let's check out some classic recordings.


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