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Melodic Triads

Already know what Melodic Triads is all about and ready to get started? Use the quick links below to get registered. 
Or fill out the Coaching request form linked in the Skype Lessons section below if you're interested in me mentoring you while you work through all of our materials.

Skype Lessons


  • Use my online booking calendar to browse my availability, select a day and time that works for you, and schedule a lesson... or a few. Make sure you set your time zone and my calendar will translate my availability to your part of the world making it incredibly simple to schedule what works for us both.
  • Want to get a discounted rate? Join The Melodic Triads Study Group. Not only can you hang with me in all of of our live group sessions to ask questions, but you can also get up to 15% OFF when you purchase a package of lessons.
  • Want to schedule something ongoing with me? My Coaching program offers personalized, one-on, one mentorship with monthly Skype lessons, weekly feedback on your playing, prioritized email response, plus all the benefits of our Melodic Triads Study Group. Click here to reach out and let me know if you're interested in learning more.

Bootcamp Programs

Already studying Melodic Triads and know what Bootcamp is all about? 
Use the quick links to grab your next program.

Study Group Members, click here to purchase your Bootcamp Programs with your 33% OFF discount.
Links available in our Dashboard (currently only accessible from your computer). 
Non-Study Group Members, signup today to get discounts on all of our Bootcamp Programs plus access to all of our additional resources.

*Not sure what Bootcamp is, or what you can expect to get out of the programs? Click here to read about these timed assignment-based learning experiences.

Triads: Level 1
Triads: Level 2
Quadratonics: Level 1
Quadratonics: Level 2
Tonalities: Level 1
Tonalities: Level 2
Chord Movement: Level 1
Chord Movement: Level 2

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