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All courses are accessible directly inside our website or using your favorite mobile device with our free app. Each course can be purchased or rented individually. Or get access to all of these courses, additional study resources, and monthly live online office hours where I can help you progress when you join our Melodic Triads Study Group.
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*Courses listed in the order I recommend working through them*



Intro To Melodic Triads

Open your ears in ways you didn't know were possible
Learn how triads are the root from which the tree of melodic possibility grows
Develop a personal relationship of how all 12 chromatic notes relate to any given key
Stop improvising with scales, modes, riffs, and arpeggios, and start letting lyrical, melodic phrases flow from your fingers spontaneously and effortlessly

3 Videos / 47 minutes runtime



Triads For Life

Practical strategies, tips, and trick to help you learn and master the most fundamental skill to true improvisation - melodic voice leading
No theory book or overly academic approaches here... just real world, fingers-on-the-fretboard baby steps to get you truly improvising over jazz standards
From baroque to bebop to modern jazz, triads and voice leading are critical
Together we will get you to transcend "outlining" changes, noodling inside of scales, and regurgitating riffs, and to start spontaneously voice leading your way through jazz forms focused on major and minor 2 5 1s and the Autumn Leaves changes

16 Videos / 128 minutes runtime
12 PDFs



Lines For Life

Start creating spontaneous bebop and modern jazz vocabulary immediately
Learn to combine the concept of quadratonics presented in our Intro course with the triad voice leading skill from Triads For Life to create authentic, improvised, personal jazz vocabulary
Start IMPLYING the changes with melodic phrases and never feel trapped or imprisoned to simply outlining or running the chords
Understand how to take advantage of both the basic, root structure AND upper structure triads to imply the changes and improvise over jazz standards in a melodic way that still respects the harmony

21 Videos / 304 minutes runtime
7 PDFs



Chords For Life

Stop wasting decades worrying about finding the hippest voicings but having no idea how to become a harmonic storyteller with them
Together we will break down and demystify the art of comping into its most basic and fundamental elements - groove & movement
Discover practical and specific ways of improving these elements to help you create spontaneous harmonic routes through tunes that will excite the soloists, the band, and the audience
Break free from the real book changes, stop predictably playing the same exact chords chorus after chorus... and start ACCOMPANYING!

22 Videos / 410 minutes runtime
19 PDFs



Forms For Life

Let's start applying all of our melodic triads concepts for improv & comping to three of the most important forms in jazz and bebop
After discussing how the traditional blues evolved into bebop, we will focus on soloing and comping over the bird blues form, the rhythm changes form, and the cherokee form
After showing you how to simplify these challenging forms, I will then give you tips and tricks to imply complexity within them
You will master them NOT ONLY in their original keys, but also gain the ability to transpose them into all 12 keys for improvising and comping

24 Videos / 360 minutes runtime
21 PDFs
*The full course is not yet complete. It's about 75% done, with additional videos and PDFs being uploaded regularly


Melodic Triads

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Quadratonics: Level 1
Quadratonics: Level 2
Tonalities: Level 1
Tonalities: Level 2
Chord Movement: Level 1
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