I've spent decades of my life studying, touring nationally, performing, composing, and recording to accumulate the experience, knowledge, and understanding I have. And having to relearn to play later in life forced me to think of ways of condensing the complexity of all of music down to a series of smaller, more digestible fundamentals.


I share all of this information online and keep no secrets. My own ideas mixed with all I learned from the musicians I've studied, played, and hung with - John Scofield, Peter Bernstein, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Mark Turner, Stefon Harris, Ari Hoenig, Jean-Michel Pilc, and many others.


The knowledge I acquired from these players and the decades I've spent honing my own craft have cost a small fortune. As does running a website full time, giving away high quality free content, and maintaining an interactive, global, online community. If you would like to support me and make sure I can continue to share my thoughts on this wonderful art form and tradition - ideas that you won't find in theory textbooks, college courses, or on YouTube channels...


Here are two easy ways you can help!

✅  Share your favorite lessons from my blog and/or my YouTube channel. Most new students and fans come because of word of mouth. If you found something helpful or inspiring, share it.


✅  Join our Melodic Triads Study Group or pick up a course or PDF from our online Store.


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