Looking to learn how to move one pentatonic scale shape a few frets away to approximate the sound of an altered or extended dominant chord?

Then this free, short e-book isn't for you.

This is not a list of tricks to help you fake anything. These are three of my favorite pentatonic scales for using over dominant 7 chords (there's really only 2... you'll see once you read through this short e-book). 

These scales are designed specifically to develop a colorful, deep-sounding, melodic approach to dominant 7 chords in minor keys, major keys, and non V7 dominant chords. 


Curious what you'll find inside?

I know it's easy to get overwhelmed by the overabundance of jazz guitar information. We pick up a new book or video and are flooded with years worth ideas and are often left paralyzed by the feeling of not knowing how to get started.

I kept this e-book short and sweet. It's only about six pages worth of content. It features three of my favorite pentatonic scales developed specifically and uniquely to bring out the most colorful melodic elements of different types of dominant 7 chords. 

Each of the three pentatonic scales will include a short bit of theory explaining how I put it together, which situations it works best in, and why. It will also include all five positions charted out (as seen in this example) plus three example riffs (in tab and standard notation) to help you get started hearing what it sounds like and understanding how you can use it to improvise lines in your own playing. 

3 Secret Pentatonic Scales for Dominant 7 Chords

"[Jordan] is a great guitarist with unlimited potential. His prodigious technique is never an end in itself but instead the means to musical expression. He... looks to the past for inspiration and influence yet has a modern conception; he is someone to lookout and listen for!"

Peter Bernstein

"Jordan Klemons is an agile, forward thinking guitarist, fluent in the language of Jim Hall and John Scofield. His solos bristle with intense rhythmic drive and melodic invention."

Brad Shepik

"Technical stuff such as sequences, scale practice, shape systems... there are so many books out there. But I really like that [Jordan] puts it on a much more phenomenological area of expertise, so you get to understand what sound means, emotionally. To me that's much better than all of these books and methods you find all over the internet. This is much more personal and to the core of what music is. [Jordan] really helped me open up a new world, and we're continuing to explore that. I can highly recommend Jordan."

Claus Strom

3 Secret Pentatonic Scales for Dominant 7 Chords


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