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Every month we hold two open office hours using facebook live to go over the study materials and to allow you to ask questions.

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Open Office #1 - June 10 @ 11:30am (NYC time)
Open Office #2 - June 16 @ 10:30am (NYC time)

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Make Sure You Join Our Facebook Group!

Our free facebook community is a huge part of our study group. Not only can you ask questions about melodic triads, post videos to get feedback from the group, and watch other members' videos to see what else is possible with melodic triads... but it's also where we have our two monthly open office hours.


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How are jazz guitarists and musicians like us supposed to improvise and compose melodic, lyrical ideas that transcend playing scales, regurgitating memorized riffs, sweeping through arpeggios, and outlining changes with chord tones when the only approaches being taught in jazz improvisation are scales, riffs, arpeggios, and outlining changes with chord tones?



That is the question... 

And this study group explores the answers.

The Melodic Triads Study Group is made up of two parts...


  • Find all info and updates about our study group
  • Find registration for 'The Essentials'
  • Find registration for each current monthly study guide
  • Access 'The Essentials' and all study guides here by clicking on the 'My Stuff' link in the navigation menu  






  • The communal side to our study group
  • Connects you with hundreds of jazz guitar players all around the world who wish to master the fundamentals of music, develop their ears, learn to improvise melodically, and master jazz harmony
  • Take advantage of free open office hours sessions using facebook live
  • Share videos of your practicing and playing to get feedback from myself and others in the group
  • Watch other members' videos to see how they're applying melodic triads



Register to access 'The Essentials'.
Even if you already know how to play triads, it's important to go through this study guide. Not only does it cover all the basic info on triads, it also goes into how we apply triads, how we voice lead with them, special techniques we use to develop them into melodies, and some unique notation we use to communicate about our ideas. So be sure to work on this material first. Once you register for it (and all future study guides) you will be able to access it directly through the 'My Stuff' link in the navigation menu at the top of our website.

If you'd like to access it for free, you can register to rent it for 90 days. After that, you will lose access but will be able to re-register for another 90-day period if you need. Once you're done with 'The Essentials' and wish to move on, you'll be able to rent each of the current monthly study guides for free and will be able to access them during the month they are current. 

If you'd rather subscribe to the private community in our study group, you will never lose access to 'The Essentials' or to any of the future study guides. They will all stay in you 'Stuff' for as long as you're a subscribe member. This is $14/month.

You can always change your mind later and unsubscribe no questions ask... but for now, pick which way you'd like to start off and go ahead and get started working on 'The Essentials'.


'The Essentials' - FREE 90 Day Rental
Private Community Subscription - $14/month



Join our facebook group where you can connect with other musicians around the world studying melodic triads, ask questions, post videos, watch other members' videos, give and receive feedback, and take part in our open office hours sessions using facebook live.


Once you've joined our facebook group, come and introduce yourself and tell us all a little bit about you. The facebook group is strictly used to talk about and showcase our melodic triads study material and related discussions. That means we don't allow self-promotion or the sharing of any videos or materials outside of that topic. However, we DO have an 'Say Hello' thread where you can introduce yourself, share videos of your group's playing, post links to albums, and let us all know a little bit about yourself and your music. 

All promotional and unrelated posts will be removed from the facebook group... however, feel free to post as many as you want in the comment section of the thread linked below.

Introduce Yourself To The Group And Share Your Music



You're now officially part of The Melodic Triads Study Group. Move at any pace you feel comfortable with and come back here or to our growing facebook community anytime you like, 24/7. You can always ask questions in the group or hit me up if you need anything. Don't forget to check the top part of this webpage to find info on the study guide and the two open office hours for the current month. 

Can't wait to watch your videos in the group.
Happy Practicing!


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