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How are jazz guitarists and musicians like us supposed to improvise and compose melodic, lyrical ideas that transcend playing scales, regurgitating memorized riffs, sweeping through arpeggios, and outlining changes when the only approaches being taught in jazz improvisation are scales, riffs, arpeggios, and outlining changes with chord tones???

That is the question... 

And this study group will explore the answers.

The Melodic Triads Study Group Includes:

  • Monthly study materials with tune analysis, etudes, melodic triad applications, and exercises, challenges, and recommended assignments
  • Two open office hours per month with me where I will go over elements of the current month's study material and take questions on Facebook Live
  • Our Facebook community to share videos with, get feedback from, and talk with about questions and difficulties
If you enjoy the study group, find it helpful on your journey to becoming a better jazz musician, and you'd like to help me continue putting out high quality content and jazz education...

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When you register for any of the free monthly study materials, you will immediately have access to it through the "My Stuff" button in the navigation at the top of the website. It will remain there for 30 days. Then it will get returned, but you'll be able to register for the next month's study material. Think of it like a library.

A free digital library.


Melodic Triads - The Essentials

This month we're focusing on understanding the basic building blocks and anatomy of melodies. How to practice triads, how to begin using them to create melodies, and how to begin applying melodic triads to tunes and to specific tonalities. (*3 month rental*)

Melodic Triads - The Essentials


March Study Guide

Stella By Starlight and the

Maj9 Tonality

(30 day rental)

Open Office Hours - Using Facebook Live


Sunday, March 11th @ 11:30am and Saturday March 24th @ 12:30pm (EST)

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