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The Melodic Triads Study Group is an online study resource I have put together to help other guitar players and musicians around the world break free from feeling trapped by scales, running changes with chord tones and arpeggios, and constant riff memorization. Instead we focus on developing our ear, understanding the anatomy of melody and the relationship between melody and harmony beyond Chord Scale Theory, and using the absolute fundamentals of music to play even the most complex ideas.

To learn more about the study group, to read what our members think and listen to their playing, and to check out the resources the group offers and how you can access them from your computer and your mobile device, you can CLICK HERE to read more about it.

If you're already working in the Study Group and are looking for our Bootcamp programs, you can find them HERE.

If you really want to dig in and work on any element of your music, there really is no better option for online study than to setup a one-on-one lesson using Skype. This will allow us to work on the tiniest and most subtle issues in your playing, to get into deep and philosophical conversations about the nature of music and the big picture, to discuss specific questions you may have where I can talk about the answers as well as play musical examples. 

If you want to learn more about Skype lessons and how they work, CLICK HERE to read more and see if you want to setup a session with me.


We all know that money can be tight for musicians. Whether you're a music student, or a gigging professional, we have plenty of free resources for you to take advantage of that don't cost a penny.

  • There are multiple free resources within our Melodic Triads Study Group. The best way to learn about these free resources and get started working on them is to read more about the study group.
  • Have you checked out our blog yet?
  • Visit and subscribe to our youtube channel to stay up to date with all of our free youtube videos, lessons, and performances. Don't forget to like, comment on, and share our videos
  • Check us out on soundslice to get riffs, harmonic ideas, and transcriptions. All free.

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