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Are you struggling to see consistent progress in your playing? Does your mind wander when you're practicing and leave you feeling like you're just endlessly noodling, not sure what to work on or why you struggle to focus on your goals? Do you feel like you put months of work into new materials and then get annoyed that these ideas aren't showing up in your playing?

If so... you're in the majority.

These are universal problems for musicians. Studying privately with a teacher whose playing you love and who knows how to communicate is one of the best ways to focus and get beyond these problems. I often tell people that I learned more during the two and a half years I spent working on my masters degree studying with my teachers - John Scofield, Peter Bernstein, Brad Shepik, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Stefon Harris, Alan Ferber, and others - then I would have figured out on my own in a lifetime.


Two reasons.

  1. I was able to leverage all of the years of experience and wisdom and knowledge each of these guys had and learn vicariously through them. Everything that each of these guys had been through filtered through them and into me during our time together. They were able to offer me insight, direction, and ways of thinking that I simply would never have figured out without them.
  2. Deadlines. The greatest thing to happen to creativity since... well since ever. Deadlines are, in many ways, the secret ingredient to creativity and progress.

One of my composition and arranging teachers - grammy nominated, Alan Ferber - told me that sometimes he would book a gig or setup a recording session date and hire a band before his compositions were actually ready. Why? Because it forced him to meet the deadline. No options. It's like Cortés burning his ships when they landed in the Americas and leaving his men with no way out. 

After completing my first semester, I realized that I had accomplished more during those four months than I had in the previous 20 years of playing. 

Simply because I had teachers that were giving me assignments and that were holding me accountable to do the best job I could. I knew if I didn't work my hardest, they wouldn't be able to give me the most honest and helpful feedback and they wouldn't take me seriously.



That's what Bootcamp Coaching is ultimately about. 

Assignment Based, Results Driven



In Bootcamp Coaching you will get weekly assignments, helping you break down the fundamentals of music into small, manageable, baby steps that you can dig into. You will be able to send me recordings of your playing and receive in-depth feedback on how I think you're doing, what's great, and what needs more attention and work. After every six assignments we will have a Review & Recap period where we can meet on Skype for a lesson, discuss the previous assignments, talk about applying those fundamentals to music making, and answer any questions you have. Once you feel ready, we'll jump back into the next set of assignments. I'll be with you each step of the way to hold you accountable and keep you on track.

If you would like to reach out and talk with me about taking advantage of this program, click the button below and fill out the short questionnaire. Even if you're not sure whether or not you want to take part in our Online Coaching Program, I will still be happy to speak with you about your musical growth, your struggles, your questions, and how I can help and support you on your path.

Your friend on the unending and ever-winding path towards jazz guitar mastery,


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