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Bootcamp is designed to help you build and strengthen your foundation. Our approach begins with triads and builds outward into melody, jazz vocabulary, harmony, comping, composition, and arranging. Get started today with Bootcamp Triads: Level 1. You'll get six weekly assignments that will take you from basic triads to triad-based chromatic insanity, with a two week review period at the end. You will be able to download and keep the pdfs from each assignment, but at the end of the eight weeks, you will lose access to the video. This setup will motivate you to put in the work and see the progress towards triad mastery.


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Melodic Triads Study Group Standard Membership

The most in depth triad-based approach to jazz to help you unlock and demystify advanced harmony and melody and bring your playing to the next level!

Get access to:

✅ Intro to Melodic Triads

A course that will immediately open your ears to hearing melody in a different way. This is not interval ear training. This is learning to hear like a human being. Develop your ears and your personal relationship with all 12 of our pitches by digging DEEPER into the scale. Create a more lyrical and phrase based approach to improvisation. 

✅ Triads For Life

Free yourself from riffs, scales, arpeggios, and 'outlining changes'. Learn to develop your vocabulary around triads and voice leading. Imply chord movement with one note. Re-map the fretboard with the most basic, fundamental there is in harmony and melody... the triad.

✅ Lines For Life

Combining the first two courses, here we will begin putting together phrase based improvisation we discussed in our Intro course with the triads and voice leading discussed in our Triads course. You will see how to develop spontaneous vocabulary that will fit with bebop, modern, swing, gypsy, and all other styles of jazz and just musical improvisation in general. Tons of riffs examples notated out. But you will learn how to never rely on another riff for the rest of your life.

✅ Chords For Life

Similar to the previous courses on melody, this course will break down harmony and comping to the most fundamental and simple elements, and then show you strategies for creating movement and excitement. We will be studying harmonic ideas that range from Bach all the way up to Kurt Rosenwinkel... but directly on the fretboard, and in the context of jazz tunes.

✅ Our Melodic Triads App

Access all of these courses from our website AND directly from your favorite mobile devices using our new app!

 ✅ Phase 2 courses will include deeper explorations of Melodic Triads by delving more into applying them to jazz standards and exploring how to use the fundamentals covered in the first few courses to create Bill Evans and Kurt Rosenwinkel-esque harmony and melody using upper structure triads.

Want to get access to even more resources? 

Check out our PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP to get these PLUS live monthly sessions with me (both group classes and open office hours) that you can hang with me and ask questions in real time, an additional course delving DEEPLY into upper structure triads and harmonic and melodic applications into jazz standards, and a private online melodic triads forum where you can connect with other melodic triaders share videos, give and receive feedback, and ask questions - it's like a facebook group but built directly inside our website... no ads, no spam, and no Zuckerburg. You can even access it through our new app.


What Musicians Are Saying:

“[Jordan] is a great guitarist with unlimited potential. His prodigious technique is never an end in itself but instead the means to musical expression. He... looks to the past for inspiration and influence yet has a modern conception; he is someone to lookout and listen for!”

Peter Bernstein

“Jordan Klemons is an agile, forward thinking guitarist, fluent in the language of Jim Hall and John Scofield. His solos bristle with intense rhythmic drive and melodic invention.”

Brad Shepik

“After years of studying with many of the jazz legends of our time Jordan has taken all the knowledge he has acquired, reduced it to its essence, and developed it into his own personal system of approaching improvisation. I find his method absolutely refreshing and so much closer to how the great improvisers are thinking and practicing than the traditional chord/scale, university approach to teaching improvisation. It’s given me a whole new and fresh outlook on how to hear things and what to practice”

Tommy Howard

“Technical stuff such as sequences, scale practice, shape systems... there are so many books out there. But I really like that [Jordan] puts it on a much more phenomenological area of expertise, so you get to understand what sound means, emotionally. To me that's much better than all of these books and methods you find all over the internet. This is much more personal and to the core of what music is. [Jordan] really helped me open up a new world, and we're continuing to explore that. I can highly recommend Jordan.”

Claus Strom