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January 18 @ noon

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Feeling frustrated because your fundamentals aren't strong enough to take advantage of our method? Don't have enough of a grasp of your triad shapes? Wish you could visualize your fretboard more instinctively? Want to have a stronger sense of muscle memory to execute our ideas in real time?

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Tonalities From Previous Months

All of the following tonality PDF study books, their video lessons, and their two archived group classes are available at no extra cost to our premium members. Join to access them all or purchase the individual study books you want below.





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Due to some big updates coming for our study group, and some exciting new resources that will be available, there is no new study guide for May. Instead, we will be keeping the April material available. 

We will also be holding an open office hours session this month that will be available the public. Everyone is welcome, not just the subscribed members of our Private Community

Hope you can make it! Come and hang, bring questions, get anything you're struggling with or confused about cleared up!

May 25th @ 11:30am 

(NYC time - click link above and enter your city to translate this time to your part of the world)