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If you haven't already watched our free Melodic Triads demonstration video and gone through our free Intro To Melodic Triads course or worked on 'The Essentials', you may find our monthly study materials confusing and frustrating.
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February 2019

The Maj7 & My Funny Valentine




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Monthly Intro & Overview:

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Our monthly tonality:

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Analysis and breakdown of this month's tune:

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Etudes for this month's tune:

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Advanced Studies 
& Bonus Lessons


These vary month to month. For February we have close to two hours of extra bonus videos for our Private Community. These lessons talk about triad pairs (for comping and soloing), quadratonic pairs to create tension within tension, possible chord substitutions and alternative ways of thinking about the chord progression for My Funny Valentine, how to simplify the melodic progression to improvise in a more modal and bluesy way that doesn't get inside the changes of the tune as clearly, and a full one-hour video analyzing and breaking down the harmonic etude to show how everything happening inside it is either a shell voicing, a melodic triad, or some combination of these two basic ingredients.

Check out some clips below, and if you  want to check out the full bonus lessons plus get access to all of our archived monthly study guides, our private forum, and our two monthly open office hours, checkout our free 3-day trial to our Private Community below - cancel anytime.


Full bonus lessons are available to our Melodic Triads Private Community members. 

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Monthly Facebook Live

Every month I go live in our facebook group to give an overview of the melodic triads approach, to interview one of our active study group members, to give them a short one-on-one lesson so you and other members can watch, see what kinds of questions and issues other members are having, hear my thoughts and advice on those issues, and also to take a few questions from the group if there is time at the end.

I choose this member based on those who have the most participation in our facebook group, so make sure to post lots of videos and offer as much feedback to others as you can if you'd like to get a free mini-lesson from me. 

*All times and dates listed in NYC time. Click the linked day/time and enter your city to see when these facebook live videos will take place in your time zone


Don't forget, you'll have to be part of our facebook group to be able to watch these videos. Click below to go there now and request to join.


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More Online Study Material

If you're enjoying our free monthly study materials and want to get even more out of our study group, there are two other features you may be interested in. If you're struggling and frustrated and feel like all of this is too complex, it could mean that you're not as strong with triads and the fundamentals of music as you could be. Everything we do here, even the most advanced ideas, is built on the basic fundamentals... there's no way around building a strong foundation. If you've already watched our free melodic triads demo video and worked through our free intro course on the essentials but still don't feel like you have a strong command of the basics, you may want to consider our Bootcamp Programs. These are assignment driven learning experiences where I will offer you specific weekly practices to help you develop a stronger foundation for your music. You can click below if you'd like to learn more.

Or if you feel confident with triads and the fundamentals, are enjoying these free monthly lessons, and want to dig even deeper into more advanced applications and get access to all of our archived monthly study guides, you should check out our Melodic Triads Private Community. When you subscribe to our Private Community, you can access a ton of incredible resources. Click below to learn more about what you will get inside.






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I hope you're enjoying our free, monthly study materials and learning a lot about just how much of the harmonic and melodic language of jazz can be developed with basic triads.

Unlike many folks who use Patreon, I do not want to hide any of these free resources behind a pay wall. We have courses and resources that you can purchase if you wish, but it's important to me to make sure that there are free resources available for everyone that are as high quality and helpful as possible, as I know how tight money can be for musicians... especially younger players who are maybe still in school studying. My goal is to take all of the amazing knowledge I got from the musicians I've played and studied with - John Scofield, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Peter Bernstein, Brad Shepik, Stefon Harris, Jean-Michel Pilc, Mark Turner, Ari Hoenig, Alan Ferber, and many others - and to distill all of it down into something that I can give to you every month in this study group. Ultimately, I want to give you better and more helpful information for free than everyone else will charge you for.

That said, it does takes a lot of time, energy, and even money to keep this website active, to put out high-quality free materials every month, to run and moderate the facebook group, to maintain the monthly facebook live videos, and to respond to everyone's emails and messages and answer questions. I do my best to shoulder all of this on my own, as it's something I'm passionate about and aligns with my goals and what I want to offer to the world... but I also live in the real world (if you can call NYC the real world!).

If you are in a place to help financially support our group and wish to do so, you can put something in the "digital tip jar" below. You can choose whatever amount works for you and you can set it up as a one-time contribution or as ongoing. It is up to you and every little bit is greatly appreciated and very helpful in maintaining the study group and its many free, online resources. 

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