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  • Access to The Underground. Built to work like a Facebook group, this PRIVATE mastermind group is found inside our website. It's a place to connect with other musicians, brainstorm melodic triad ideas, share videos, give and receive feedback, and find all of our archived open office hours sessions and tonality group classes
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  • Hang with us for our two tonality group classes each month where I'll practice live on camera so you can see exactly how I explore tonalities and melodic triad ideas to find new voicings, melodic ideas, liquid harmony, scales, and arpeggios... and more importantly how I get them into my playing!
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Want to know what some of our melodic triads students think? 

"[The] Melodic Triad approach to jazz guitar provides a direct line inside, revealing the beauty of melodic tension and release, voice leading, and pianistic chord voicing."

-Scott Krohn


"I was a scale runner before I studied this concept. But once I learned the melodic triad concept my solo playing sounds more musical and less robotic. I think it is the best way to learn the Bill Evans and Jim Hall style of playing. It's really unique and helps me understand music more like a pianist. I highly recommend the melodic triad concept for people who want to study jazz guitar."

-Shuai Li


"I find [this] method absolutely refreshing and so much closer to how the great improvisers are thinking and practicing than the traditional chord/scale, university approach to teaching improvisation. It's given me a whole new and fresh outlook on how to hear things and what to practice. Highly recommend!"

-Tommy Howard


"I began to study this approach... and SBAM! I discovered sounds that I did not imagine I could handle. The way in which the topics are proposed is very organic and never boring! Forget the classic approach to the study of scales, arpeggios, and triads (often you end up doing only gymnastics). With the modality proposed in the course you just need a few notions to immediately start to get into the heart of the topic in a simple and rational way! In a short time I started improvising with a taste that I did not think I had!... I will never stop thanking you."

-Francesco Di Palma


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