Are you frustrated and looking for a clear-cut path towards accomplishing your musical goals?

Are you struggling and looking for some direction to help point you in the right direction during your practice time?


Bill Evans, the legendary pianist, once said...

“I think the problem is… that they [music students] tend to approximate the product. Rather than attacking it in a realistic, true way, at any elementary level - regardless of how elementary - but it must be entirely true and entirely real and entirely accurate. They would rather approximate the entire problem, than to take a small part of it and be real and true about it. And I think this is a very important thing that you must be satisfied to be very clear and very real and to be very analytical at any level. You can’t take the whole thing, and to approximate the whole thing in a vague way gives one a feeling that they… more or less touch the thing. But in this way you just lead yourself toward confusion. And ultimately you’re going to get so confused that you’ll never find your way out. 

It is true of any subject that the person that succeeds in anything has the realistic view point at the beginning. And knowing that the problem is large and that he has to take it a step at a time, and he has to enjoy the step by step learning procedure. They’re trying to do a thing in a way that is so general [that] they can’t possibly build on that. If they build on that, they’re building on top of confusion and vagueness and they can’t possibly progress. If you try to approximate something that is very advanced and don’t know what you’re doing, you can’t advance.”



In other words... transcribing and memorizing riffs are both great. But if we never develop a solid foundation with the fundamentals then we will eventually plateau and not understand why we aren't improving. It's like I tell my private students. If you want to construct a building, you have to get into the mud, dig a big hole, and pour a strong concrete foundation. 

Is it possible to get a building up without this foundation first? Sure. You could probably get a one or two story building setup. But you get to the second or third story, and it's going to start sinking. And at a certain point, it's going to be impossible to put any more stories on top. Like Bill said, "... If they build on that, they're building on top of confusion and vagueness and they can't possibly progress."

Of the thousands of students I've worked with from all around the world over the last 20 years - ranging from day one beginners up to college students and even gigging professional musicians who feel they've stalled out and can't seem to continue progressing - THIS is almost always the problem.


And THIS is precisely what our Bootcamp programs are designed to help with




If you have not yet gotten started with our Melodic Triads study materials, it's worth doing this first. It will give you an idea of what all of our Bootcamp programs are designed to help with.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Bootcamp is not just another pdf download with a list of hip sounding riffs and voicings for your to memorize or a breakdown of scale shapes, sequences, or patterns. If this is what you are looking for, we have youtube videos and free lessons available.

These programs are for those of you who truly want to get into the mud and work on your music... from the ground, up. Regardless of whether you are relatively new to the guitar or are already advanced, if you want to build and strengthen your foundation with the fundamentals and you're ready to put some practice time in, our Bootcamp programs are perfect for you.

*I do feel that you will get far more out of these programs if you've been playing guitar and studying theory for at least 3-5 years. If you are still a beginner and have not reached this far in your journey yet, CLICK HERE and hit me up using our contact page so we can talk. I'd love to be able to help and support you and offer your some guidance.

Have you checked out our free Melodic Triads demo video yet? Have you watched the free demo video and jointed our Melodic Triads Study Group

If so then you're familiar with the basic elements of what we do and how we use triads to create jazz harmony and melody.

What I've done is taken each of the four essential building blocks of using Melodic Triads (triads, quadratonics, fully-extended tonalities, and creating chord movement) and put together a series of programs to help you break down the learning process into baby steps that you can use to strengthen your foundation. 

  • Triads: Level 1 & 2
  • Quadratonics: Level 1 & 2
  • Fully-Extended Tonalities: Level 1 & 2
  • Chord Movement: Level 1 & 2

Even if you are already an advanced player, each of these programs builds off of the last, so I DO recommend you begin with Triads: Level 1 and work your way up in order. There are multiple variations offered to make sure that no matter how advanced a player you already are, you will find challenges to push you.

Each program is carefully designed not only to help the advanced player, but to be able to help the hobbyist with a day job and a family as well. I know that not everyone has two hours a day to shed, nor wants to wait around for five years to start seeing improvements...

Each program in Bootcamp is setup to take six weeks. They can be accomplished successfully by anyone who can find an extra 15-30 minutes per day to practice... or a couple of longer practice sessions throughout each week. Of course as with everything, there are no magic bullets. The more time, effort, and focus you put into it, the more you will get out of it. At the end of the six weeks (one assignment per week), you will then get an additional two weeks to go back over any assignments and lessons and videos you want to before you lose access to your Bootcamp program.

Yeah, but can I really learn something new and build my foundation in JUST six weeks???

The programs are built around weekly assignments. At the start of each week, I will give you an assignment. This assignment will have a few potential variations so everyone, regardless of skill level (unless you are a complete beginner who has less than a year studying the guitar), will be able to work through it from where they are comfortable. If you are REALLY looking to speed up your progress, you could theoretically spend a few days on each variation, thus turning this one assignment into two or three assignments for the week.

And don't forget, the six weeks is only to get you through one level of one topic. If you really want to commit to developing a strong foundation, I would recommend that you work through all of our Bootcamp programs in order, back-to-back. This isn't absolutely necessary. If you have a hole in your foundation somewhere and just want to patch it up, you could just do one or two of these and it will give you some solid ideas for improving your problem areas.

But ideally, you would do Triads: Level 1, then Level 2, then Quadratonics: Level 1, then Level 2... etc. 

Again, Bootcamp is designed this way to give you options and meet you where YOU are. If you have the time and commitment and want to spend 11 months going through weekly assignments... you got it! If you need to break things apart, and do a little here and a little there... that's possible as well.

While I DO recommend going through all of the programs in order, back-to-back... I set it up like this to give you the freedom to structure your routine around your life. Everyone has a different situation, and this way you can make it work for yourself. 

If you're having a hard time understanding how best to work through these programs, hit me up using the contact form below and let me know how I can help. I'm always available.

Each Bootcamp program is designed with six weeks worth of weekly assignments followed by two additional weeks of access to go back and review anything you need to. At the end of these eight weeks, the Bootcamp program will no longer be available inside your "Stuff"

Too often we download a free ebook, make a note of something we want to work on, or even purchase a book or a course on some topic... and then never get around to actually ACTING on it and putting it into practice. I don't want you to waste your time or money. I setup our Bootcamp programs to hold you as accountable as possible short of doing private, one-on-one lessons. I want to help you develop some momentum and some consistent practice habits that will help push you forward through the material. To do this, I have it timed to force you to commit and keep up. No amount of knowledge or theory will make you sound the way you want to. Only action. Consistent action. I find it best to take this action in baby steps, but to always be taking them. And that's what the Bootcamp programs are designed to help you do.

Of course, life can get busy sometimes, and nobody is perfect. This is why you will get an additional two weeks at the end. In case you slacked off one week or missed something, you can spend that time going back and tightening up that assignment.

But by breaking down our foundation into these four topics and letting you commit just six weeks to growing through each program, my hope is that you won't even need the additional two weeks. Watch the videos, download and print the PDFs, put in the work, get the assignments under your fingers, and then let's move on and continue growing toward your goals. 

If learning music, building your foundation, and then growing into more complex and advanced applications is like hiking a mountain, I don't want to let you get stuck somewhere halfway up the mountain. I don't want you walking around in circles. I want to show you the map for the part of the mountain we're on, let you do the work to climb up through it, and then get the map of the next area to you so we can keep climbing. 

If I let you hold the older maps as long as you want, it would give you the ability to go back down the mountain and try climbing up again to see if you can make it more perfectly. There's something to be said about that, and you will still have the knowledge and the PDFs so you could actually do this. But I want to help you keep your eyes on the peak and moving yourself forward. Always forward.

Sure. I'm here to help in any way I can. Fill out the contact form below, and as soon I'm able, I'll get back to you. 

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