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Lesson #8 - More #11s and #9s with Chromatic Movement and Rhythmic Displacement


Advanced and Altered Major7 Chords

Week 8 of 8

Woooooo… this is out last week exploring altered 7 chords, and I figured let’s end on a BIG one. I packed all sorts of madness into this little example. Chromatic lines, rhythmic displacement, rhythmic and melodic motivic development, #11’s, #9’s… we’re going out with a bang this week. Check out this riff. There’s way too much happening to go into too much detail in this mini-description. Remember, by being a subscribed member of our newsletter, you’ll get an in-depth analysis of each weekly lesson delivered right to your inbox to help you understand what’s happening here. As complex as all of this is, it’s actually built on the basic fundamentals. I’m a big believer in the idea that complexity and advanced levels of playing ultimately grow best from being so comfortable with the basics, that you can apply them in creative and complicated ways… but they’re still just the basic fundamentals. If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter yet, make sure you do so you can start seeing how all of my ideas are actually built on using the basics. In the meantime, comment below and give your best shot at analyzing this little beast. What do you think I was thinking when I wrote this? What does your ear tell you is happening? How about theory?


Lesson #7 - Creating F Lydian with Chromatics and Pentatonics


Advanced and Altered Major7 Chords

Week 7 of 8

This is a quick and easy pattern with a lydian vibe over an F7 chord. It accentuates the #11 (B natural) and creates a great, open vibe over this static chord.


Lesson #6 - EbMaj7#9#5


Advanced and Altered Major7 Chords

Week 6 of 8

There’s a lot going on in this short little passage. Some basic Eb major stuff, a G7 voicing, comping for oneself… it’s jam packed with different elements at play, but ultimately it’s built on simplicity and the fundamentals. The riff is essentially just an Eb major triad and a B minor triad connected with a chromatic line. So why do you think the G7 chord at the end works here?


Lesson #5 - Bbdim9 to BbMajor7


Advanced and Altered Major7 Chords

Week 5 of 8

Today’s riff is playing off of last week’s idea - the º7 resolving to the 7. Here is a two bar passage with a stagnant Bb7 chord. In bar one, I’ve created the tension of the iº9 by using a C Major triad which then resolves to a more straight forward Bb7 sound in bar two.


Lesson #4 - Gdim7 to GMajor7


Advanced and Altered Major7 Chords

Week 4 of 8

This week’s free lesson takes a look at how to move back and forth between a 7 chord and it’s parallel º7 chord. This type of movement can be found in tunes like Upper Manhattan Medical Group (Strayhorn) and can also be superimposed over a stagnant, motionless section that sits on a 7 chord for an extended period. For example, this four bar piece could be used during the first four bars of I’ll Remember April.


Lesson #3 - EMajor7#11 Lydian


Advanced and Altered Major7 Chord

Week 3 of 8

This is a cool riff for an E7 chord emphasizing the 13, the #11, and the 9. It works for creating a lydian type vibe or really in any situation where you can get away with the #11. Great for a modal type situation like in Chick Corea’s tune Windows during the E7#11 vamp in bars 17-24… but can also be tagged on as a very colorful resolution to wrap up a ii V I.


Lesson #2 - CMaj7#9


Advanced and Altered Major7 Chords

Week 2 of 8

Ever feel like you're stuck playing the same scale and arpeggio patterns? Trying to figure out how to break away from what you know and dig deeper into more interesting and colorful approaches to chords? Here is the 2nd lesson in our 8 week look at advanced approaches to 7 chords. We could almost think of these as “altered” 7’s. Again, the #9 is making an appearance… not the most common note to use over a 7, but a very hip and modern one for sure! We're using both an augmented and a major triad in this example to bring out some wonderful tonalities.


Lesson #1 - CMaj7#9#5


Advanced and Altered Major7 Chords

Week 1 of 8

Today starts eight weeks of focusing on advanced 7 chords. You’re going to have to use your ears and your own artistic intuition to know when it feels right to use these sounds. In the meantime, it never hurts to open our ears, think outside the box, and get some new ideas into are toolbox!



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