Lesson #40 - Someday My Prince Will Come: Full Voicings


Intro to Melodic Progression

Week 8 of 8

This is our final lesson on the topic of melodic triads and the melodic progression. If you're enjoying seeing all the harmonic and melodic possibilities at your disposal by leaving scales, modes, and chord tones behind and focusing on triads and the basics, please check out the NYCJGM Melodic Triads Study Group. It's free to take part and we focus on digging deeper into all of this material. You can find the group HERE.

This lesson steps up last week's from the 4 note voicings and bumps us up to 5-6 note voicings. These are challenging to employ but wonderful for ballads, rubato, solo playing, or just peppering inside smaller and more agile voicings when comping to accentuate specific beats, harmonies, and melodic notes. 

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