Lesson #36 - Melodic Reduction and Progression


Intro to Melodic Progression

Week 4 of 8

Now that we've analyzed all three sections of Someday My Prince Will Come, let's apply the quadratonic scales to the melodic tonic to see how all of the puzzle pieces fit together and to start to hear how these quadratonic scales can voice lead us melodically through the form.

I mentioned in the video that there was a mistake in the etude that I would clear up, but then I completely forgot to come back to it while talking... so I'll explain the change. It's in the very last system at the bottom of the page, in the second bar... there should be an F7 notated above the measure. This measure is supposed to be using a (D)/b2 quadratonic scale... instead I accidentally wrote in a pattern using a (Bb)/4 quadratonic scale. So the first two notes are still correct - The D note jumping down a major 7th to the Eb below it. That's right. But then instead of ascending up through F natural and Bb to get back up to the D note... it should be F# and A natural (from the D triad). So make sure to make those changes and practice it this way instead of what's written.

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