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While I'm able to use courses, group sessions, and our private forum area to offer the most affordable learning experience in our study group, it's hard to beat the personalized experience of working one-on-one. While I spend most of my time and energy focused on helping as many musicians as I can see real world progress in our study group... I do set aside a small amount of my time to engage privately with a small number of highly committed students.

If that's you, and you're feeling stuck, unsure how to get to the next level of your playing, need some practical ideas to take into the shed, or just feel like you need to get back to the fundamentals and see how all of it... even the most advanced jazz concepts... can be accessed with the basics...

Fill out the form below to tell me about yourself, and let's see if working together would be a good fit for us both.

While my going rate for a single one hour session may be out of your budget, I do have a special rate for motivated students who are ready to commit to ongoing lessons. 

On top of ongoing lessons, I also offer a Coaching Program. This program integrates with The Melodic Triads Study Group and comes with all of the resources and benefits available to our study group members. It also includes weekly assignments, weekly feedback from me on your assignments, PLUS regular Skype lessons and ongoing email interaction to help you plough through your musical goals and play the way you want to as quickly as possible! 

Coaching Includes:

✅ Access to the Melodic Triads Study Group Premium Membership

✅ All current and archived monthly video lessons, PDF study books, and live group sessions

✅ Access to all Melodic Triads based courses

✅ Access to our online Melodic Triads community


✅ All Bootcamp Programs and weekly assignments to keep you always pushing yourself and moving forward through new challenges

✅ Personalized, weekly feedback on your playing 

✅ Monthly Skype lessons with me to discuss Bootcamp assignments, application to real music playing, and any other jazz, guitar, or music topics you'd like to work on together

✅ Prioritized email response. Have questions you need answers to? Don't feel like waiting days to hear back from me? Don't feel like waiting until an open office hours to ask? As a Coaching Student, you will always get my priority when it comes to email communication.

Please fill out and submit this form.

I will be in touch to schedule a free skype hang to talk about your goals as soon as I am able.

Not sure Coaching is right for you?
Check out our Melodic Triads Study Group and Study Group Lite options.



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