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Due to a glitch in the matrix, we aren't currently able to run our normal subscription service or take in new members. It should be fixed within the next few weeks - months. Once it is resolved, you will be able to join our Private Community and get all of the jazz guitar education benefits we offer.


  • Stop wasting years memorizing hundreds of riffs and practicing scales and modes without ever letting your ear or your sense of phrasing and musicianship improve
  • A clear cut path for studying jazz of any style... from the essential fundamentals of music, direct into improvising melody and controlling advanced jazz harmony
  • Learn to understand the importance of the melody of standards, how it creates the personality of the tune, and how you can improvise over the tune using the melody and triads rather than scales, riffs, and chord tones
  • Access our ever-growing Study Guide Archive with every monthly study guide since we began the study group - you will always have something new to explore and work on
  • Access The Hangout - our private online forum where you can dig into your questions and where you can request specific standards to be included in future study guides
  • Once you join, you can quit anytime... no questions asked




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